Urgent Information Needed Regarding Advertising for Wireless to the Home Project

As per the request below, If you have any relevant information, please send it directly to your Chief Steward, Steward or any member of the Local 44 Executive as soon as possible.

Remember that this is a mostly rural service, so please be on the lookout for any advertisements posted when working outside of the regular DSL footprint that you would ordinarily install within.

Thank you,

Your local is receiving this request as the area(s) in which you represent members has been identified as Bell WTTH (wireless to the home) hot spots having among the highest amounts of service orders being installed by non-unionized service contractors.

We are reaching out to you in an attempt to determine the method(s) that Bell Canada is currently using to market the WTTH (wireless to the home) product to customers in your areas. We ask that you reach out to your members, friends and family to provide this information as quickly as you can and reply to this email with the information you have found.

Some methods you could expect to find are, billboard signs, bus stop posters, radio ads on local stations, door to door sales contractor’s, confectionery / demo vehicles at fairs, farmers markets and local events.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated and will provide Unifor with the necessary information to continue our campaign for good jobs in the telecommunications sector in Canada.



In Solidarity

Shawn Cowan

Member Organizer