BTS - Minutes Of Settlment - TUM Process

Please CLICK HERE to view the minutes of settlement pertaining to the way in which multiple per diems are to be paid. Please CLICK HERE to view the TGP Payout List.

If you have any questions regarding this, or need help determining if this applies to you, please see a Union Steward.

Example on an 8:00 am to 5:00 pmshift

- Tech drives from their home to the vehicle TUMlocation, goes on shift at 8:00 am.
- Tech performs a standardcircle and vehicle inspection.
- Tech then drives to WorkCentre to pick up tools from their locker and any material that they may have ordered. ( Since tools do not go home with Employees)
- Tech then drives to first job and continues on with his work day.

Near end of the day Tech needs calculate the time required to drive from his last job, back to the WorkCentre to return tools to the locker and remove garbage and scrap accumulated during the work day, and must also include time for the drive from the WorkCentre back the the Home Dispatched technicians house to drop the vehicle where they will end their shift.
Tech drops vehicle back at TUM pickup location and goes off shift at at the scheduled time of 5:00 pm.

All drive time is considered part of the employees work day, and the shift starts and ends where they pick up the vehicle. noting that the drive time from home to the vehicle should not be more than the distance from the technicians home to the WorkCentre they would normally start and end their day at.