BTS Bargaining - Request for Bargaining Proposals

Local 44 BTS members:

The BTS Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in May of 2018. Locals are now receiving bargaining proposals from BTS members.

Bargaining proposals should be filled out and returned to any Local 44 executive member on or before September 25, 2017.

There is a proposal form that can be printed out by clicking here.

All proposals need to be printed out and signed. Stewards can assist you with any questions you might have

You can fill out as many proposals as you'd like.

It is extremely important to get proposals from all members. The Bargaining Caucus and Bargaining Committee will get their direction based on what issues are raised and how many proposals are submitted on each issue. The more proposals on an issue, the more weight it carries at the Bargaining table.

Make sure your problems in the workplace are recognized and understood by your Bargaining Committee. Fill out your proposals before September 25 and have your say.

Thank you,