Bell Craft & Services Layoffs Postponed Indefinitely

Below is the communication sent to the employees affected from the Company. Below that is the most recent communication from your bargaining team.

As per our discussion,

I am happy to inform you that the Company and Union are continuing to explore ways to find possible solutions to the declaration of surplus that has taken place


Given the progress of the parties to date, we are now in a position to extend your surplus notice period and postpone your termination date


Please note that you are no longer required to submit your Force Adjustment Election form by April 28 

Consistent with the aforementioned, you will continue to be paid in accordance with the last eight week schedule, however you are not required to attend work at this time.


As you may deem necessary, you will continue to be able to access the services of Morneau Shepell for the duration of your surplus notice period.  The number to call for this service is 1.800.387.4765


While optimistic in this recent development, I cannot confirm more at this time since discussions between the Company and Unifor have not concluded.  I will continue to share information as the situation evolves. 

Bell Canada Craft  Services  Bulletin - April 25 2019.jpg